Safari Photos & Video

As an addition to our most recent blog posted Deep in the South African Bush, we are excited to share our near-death experience with a male lion that was captured on video from inside our truck.

Hear me roar!

We also have SO MANY awesome photos to share that they deserved their own gallery. Click on the picture below to start the slideshow and enjoy!

[AFG_gallery id=’29’]

In fact, while of you are at it, take a look at all of our adventures in South Africa through our photos by clicking here.

4 thoughts on “Safari Photos & Video

  1. Mary Daly Baniak

    OMG, Pam, how did you not jump out of your skin!?! Watching the video, knowing no attack occurred, is one thing; how terrifying for you all. But I guess that just makes a better story, now that it is safely in the past.

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