Big Tree and The Return of the Baboon

Anna and the Giant Tree

In Storms River Village, South Africa, we were enticed by the siren song of a nearby landmark uncreatively titled Big Tree. All we had to do to see Big Tree was walk about 25 minutes to the trail head, pay a small amount of money, and continue down another short trail to Big Tree. How could we resist?

Of course we turned left.

Once inside the park we were treated to a series of fascinating facts about Big Tree.

Big Tree facts!

More easily viewed Big Tree facts.

Although our trip to Big Tree was mostly a gag with the side benefit of being mild exercise, I have to admit we were impressed that this tree started growing in 1190 making it over 800 years old!

Just a short walk later we found Big Tree, and as you can see there was no false advertising.

Yeah, Anna’s short, but still!

This tree may be impressive today, but right around the corner was a reminder that when its time is up, Big Tree fall hard, am I right?


A Baboon Shall Lead Them

Actually about 22 baboons. Although we went on a beautiful coastline hike in the Garden Route National park before this, there is nothing much to report so here is a link to our photos:[AFG_gallery id=’28’]

The fun part started after our hike when we walked to a suspension bridge but were stopped about 200 yards in when we spotted a couple of baboons walking along the trail in front of us. Since we have had recent not-so-great experiences with baboons we were a bit apprehensive and followed at a very conservative distance.

That distance increased when we noticed that there weren’t just a couple of baboons but that a whole extended family of them were walking along the trail in front of us. After inelegantly stalking them for a while they seemed to become bored with us and just went about their monkey business (intended) while we snapped dozens of photos of them. It was a pretty spectacular experience and caused us to revise our opinion on baboons generally: like people, some of them are just jerks.

Shhhhhhh! I think he sees us!

Apparently, baboons know what it is to crack a moon.

Even the baby knew we were following them.

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