Buenos Aires, Family Style

We have been lucky enough to have three sets of visitors come spend some time on the road with us in South America. Most recently we welcomed Anna’s parents, two aunts, cousin, and special guest Flat Stanley to Buenos Aires for a tremendous and busy 9-day trip.

City Tour #1

Just a few short hours after they arrived we jumped right in to sightseeing with a walking tour of the northern neighborhoods of Buenos Aires. We began at their Barrio Norte apartment and walked to the famous “Flower” (Floralis Genérica) sculpture before continuing along the expansive greenspace running along Buenos Aires’s northern edge.

The ladies posing on the bridge over Avenida del Libertador

The highlight of that day’s tour was our trip to the Recoleta Cemetary, a beautiful sight anytime but an educational site with a tour guide.


Flat’s first of many appearances

The tour continued to Retiro, where we had a lunch break for some spectacular empanadas before continuing to the San Martin memorial statue and then on to a couple other parts of the city before we all were too worn out and headed home.

Some “patricios” guarding the San Martin memorial statue. Oh, and they’re holding Flat Stanley.

San Telmo Mercado de Domingo


Every Sunday one of the oldest neighborhoods in Buenos Aires, San Telmo, hosts an outdoor fair featuring items popular around the time the neighborhood was founded (antiques) and tango. By reputation – and now experience- it’s one of the best places to see free tango in Buenos Aires. For that reason we headed down there, but we also enjoyed some ice cream at a local shop, some souvenir shopping, and people watching while we were there. Best of all, Anna’s cousin Olivia got to show off her tango skills with a Spanish speaking instructor.




Second best was our chance to try on silly hats.



We also got our first chance to see a full-on tango show. It didn’t disappoint. Even Flat got involved.


And so did Olivia:


Mike definitely won the “tango face” competition

Well, this was his competition….

City Tour #2

Thanks to a chauffeur we got so see an even greater swath of Buenos Aires this time than the last. We visited the colorful and almost painfully touristic La Boca neighborhood before checking out a sample of the city center.



We should have had more time at the Pink House and Cathedral (the Pope’s former stomping grounds), but we had our tour scheduled on a holiday honoring all of those killed as a result of the 1976 military coup. So we got to see a very interesting protest (which spent a lot of effort honoring the indigenous peoples Argentines slaughtered and whose ancestors still press their rights). But no memorials. No matter, there were other days, as we proved by these photos:


Beautiful people in front of the Pink House.

Even more beautiful people in front of the Pink House.

Tango Show

One of the highlights of our (Anna and my) time in Buenos Aires was the tango show Anna’s relatives treated us to. We saw some spectacular dancing, hammy acting, and delicious food all in one short evening!

Kind of making a mockery of the tango

Actually skilled people doing what we can’t.


Sorry, that was another ridiculous picture. Here are people…



Miscellaneous Fun

We did a lot besides those planned events. One day we checked out the spectacularly beautiful opera house at Teatro Colón. Another we ate at a wonderful Argentine steakhouse called Don Julio. Both were great. But what was better was being surrounded by family. I can’t write that feeling, so I hope you get it from the photos. We miss them.


Finally! Someone with a bigger head than me!


The ladies at the beach

Flat Stanley cheering for Dayton’s basketball team! (Still excited for our Elite 8 run)


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  1. Tomes

    Chiefer and Anna,

    These posts are amazing, keep them up. That was a massive head you found. Finally some competition!

    Just wanted to wish a Happy Birthday to Chief! And I hope you guys continue to enjoy yourselves on this journey. Will you be in S. America for the World Cup? If so, man oh man, I’m envious. Let me know if you need any other contacts elsewhere. I’d love to put you guys in touch. Most of mine reside in Asia, but a few in Africa as well. Keep in touch!


  2. Patty

    Wait, I thought the technical term was Macro Cranium. In any event, Happy Birthday, Mike! Love the tango photos.

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