3 Months on the Road

In honor of our three months on the road anniversary we decided to celebrate in style. Throwing our budget to the wind we booked…a 27 hour bus ride from Bariloche to El Calafate! Trust us, it sounds just as glamorous as it was. This helpful map shows where we just traveled and how close to Chile and the bottom of the freaking world we are right now.


Just in case you are interested in what happens during a 27 hour bus ride, here is what Mike did broken down to the minute (yep…we were bored):

Sleep – two stints totaling 10:51
Watched movies* the bus showed – 8:34
Read – 6:33
Showed passports to 3 separate Argentine military people at province borders – :15
Drank coffee at morning coffee stop – :30

That’s a total of 26:43. I don’t know what happened to that 17-ish minutes. Possibly it was occupied by staring blankly out the window, chatting with Anna, wondering why nobody in South America uses headphones when they play games on their phones, cursing the overaffectionate couple in the seats near us who couldn’t sit next to each other but still felt compelled to make out over the seats, or taking notes about how I was spending my time. It certainly wasn’t spent using the bathroom. I learned that lesson already.

This movie lineup was especially and mercifully high-quality. The movies were Quantum of Solace, 2012, My Sister’s Keeper (do NOT watch this movie with other people if you do not want to cry in public), Last Chance Harvey, and Doubt.

Anna occupied her time by chronicling the changing landscape during our bus ride.

We went from mountainous beauty


To more mountainous beauty:


To even more mountainous beauty:


To steppe/tundra/whatever this is:


To Mike sleeping:


To desert:


Back to mountainous beauty:


To a pretty sunset over more steppe/tundra/whatever:


To a full moon reflecting off the Atlantic Ocean:


To some other stuff we couldn’t take pictures of because all of our gadgets ran out of batteries.

[not pictured: nature]

And finally, to the view from our cabin in El Calafate.


3 thoughts on “3 Months on the Road

    1. RTWFlyers Post author

      Actually yes with Spanish subtitles. Usually it has been the other way around which made this even more of an unexpected surprise.

  1. Julie

    “Doubt” is about as cheery as “My Sister’s Keeper”. By the way the book (“My Sister’s Keeper”) has a dramatically different ending. Not sure what they were thinking when they changed it for the movie.

    Wonderful pictures. Keep up the good work!!!!

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