One Month Anniversary






Right. Not much has changed except for a little more facial hair. So, what have we learned in the past month? A little! Some examples:

1. We don’t like bugs. Not much more to say here.

2. More Spanish.

3. The local street dogs can be cute in small doses, but are much less cute in larger groups.

4. Guatemalan fruits and vegetables are delicious.

5. Limes help lessen the effects of altitude sickness.

6. Ex-officio boxers are the greatest. Seriously. I am never wearing other underwear again.

7. Fireworks enhance the stadium experience, especially when they are set off in the stands.

8. We both like hiking.

9. Guatemalan grandmothers are great.

10. This nomadic lifestyle ain’t so bad!

2 thoughts on “One Month Anniversary

  1. Shivs

    Happy 1 month travel anniversary! It’s fun catching up on your stories and seeing all the fun and new adventures you are experiencing…it’s depressing catching up on your stories and realizing the mundane, repetitive non-adventures I have experienced in the last month. Safe and happy travels my friends!! We will miss you at this year’s W&S 4th Annual Holiday dinner! Keep bloggin’!

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