Ants in Our Pants…Literally

This post won’t have any pictures.

Soooo, our trip hasn’t been all incredible photos, nice host families, Guatemalan hot dogs, and good times. After our hike over the weekend, we reserved a one bedroom apartment at Lake Atitlan for this week hoping to use the time to recover, rest, and prepare for South America. Now we at staying at a lovely hotel across the lake and haven’t had the relaxing week we hoped for. The reason, as you may have guessed, is bugs. Dan, please stop reading now.

Because it has bothered us so much, we won’t recount the whole night we spent in that apartment, but we managed to kill well over 200 large ants, several hand-sized spiders, several other bugs of indeterminate type, and a scorpion in our bathroom sink. Gross. And terrifying. Neither of us does terribly well with bugs in general, as one of us grew up in a city and the other one pretends to have, but this probably would have troubled even a hardened traveler. It has certainly unnerved us enough that we are still triple checking all the walls of every room we enter four days later.

Honestly, this doesn’t say anything good about us. Yes, it was gross, but there are tons of people who live with this “problem” every day and they don’t seem too concerned about it. Hopefully, this was just an extreme experience. We have done a much better job of killing the rolly-pollys, small ants, and scorpions (yes, two more) at our current place. Maybe this is just another way for us to expand our comfort zone and adapt to a new situation, but we much preferred the adapting to a foreign language and culture part, thank you. In short, this experience has left us with only one conclusion: we hate bugs.

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