An Exam, a Huge Discovery, and a Hike

It’s Sunday morning and our tour guide/Spanish teacher is throwing up outside of his car.

As someone who likes his bad news first, this is the worst part of our otherwise entertaining weekend. It turns out that this poor guy has an inner ear problem that has plagued him for years, and when leaving the highlands of Xela for lower altitudes, he frequently has problems like this. In any event, this isn’t even the beginning of the weekend.

The Exam


This is our 8-year-old Guatemalan “sister,” Esther. On Friday, after we returned from a “meh” field trip to the textile center of Guatemala otherwise known as Salcaja, she was waiting for us with a printed out exam. Her test required us to draw various animals (bears are extremely difficult to draw), identify which of the two of us has more homework (Anna), and describe the other people in the park when we first went with her (amorous teens). It doesn’t matter who did better on this exam (I did), what matters is that it was hilarious! We have heard some less-than-great descriptions of the homestay lives of our classmates, and this little episode reconfirmed that we lucked out with our family.

After we finished our exams, I managed to find a pickup basketball game while Anna worked out on the track. I don’t know if I have ever felt so tall in my life. 20131028-143719.jpg

In related news, it’s freaking impossible to get enough oxygen at this altitude. Yes, that’s the excuse I am going with….

The Huge Discovery

Nothing much happened on Saturday except…..


We found the Internet!

The Hike

Back to Sunday. Our teacher/tour guide recovered sufficiently to continue our Sunday activities, including: a hike up to a zip line course (we didn’t do it and were very happy with that decision) with an allegedly killer view of some volcanoes; a tour of a cooperative organic coffee plantation; and an hour-long stop in some volcanic hot springs. The hike was disappointing, with the fog obscuring any view of the rumored volcanoes and one of the stairs collapsing as I stepped on it (I’m physically fine, but my ego is bruised a bit). We did get some nice photos out of the hike, though:



The rest of the trip was fine, but we felt a bit ripped off given how much the trip cost and how little we ended up getting out of it.

Lest anyone feel bad for us at all (not bloody likely), here’s the view from my classroom every day:


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