The Things They Carried

Less than 24 hours left – time to pack our backpacks!   After scouring various RTW blogs, packing lists, and other resources, we came up with a list of things we thought we would need to bring which is almost certainly too much yet feels like it is not nearly enough.  We’ll re-assess our packing list and thought process in a later post after we know a little more about what we have used, what was superfluous, and what we needed but didn’t have.  I really hope that last category is an empty set.

Mike’s Packing List

I packed everything in an Osprey Atmos 65 pack that we got from REI. Despite my best efforts to leave some room available, it looks like I’ve managed to fill the whole thing. Here’s what’s inside:

Packing Photo

– Two Eagle Creek packing cubes with toiletries and medicine inside (anti-malarial pills, traveler’s diarrhea pills, anti-altitude sickness pills, toilet paper, sink stopper, bed bug spray, Benadryl, 2 ponchos, laundry detergent strips, duct tape, and possibly one or two things I’m forgetting).

– Money belt

– Pack cover

– Beard trimmer (not pictured)

– Extension cord with multiple outlets

– Ankle brace

– Small notebook


– 1 pair of jeans

– 1 pair of long, lightweight pants

– 2 long-sleeve button-up shirts, one of which has wicking material

– 2 pair of hiking socks

– 5 pair of running socks

– 2 wicking t-shirts

– 1 Finley Dunne’s t-shirt (not pictured)

– 5 pair of ex officio wicking boxers

– 2 pair of cotton boxers

– 1 North Face pullover sweatshirt

– 2 pairs of athletic shorts

– 1 long sleeve t-shirt

– 3 wicking polos

– 1 Scottevest vest

– 1 REI rain jacket

– 1 Blackhawks hat

– 1 pair of walking-around sandals

– 1 pair of flipflops

– 1 pair of running shoes

I am also packing a smaller backpack that we will use as our everyday pack which will have all of our key documents and most of our technology in it. The gadgets we have chosen to bring will be the subject of a different post shortly.

Anna’s Packing List

Ugh. I have been dreading this post since we started planning this trip. I’ve read and re-read blog posts about packing; what do you absolutely need, what you should not under no circumstances bring, and everything in between. I admit, I am overpacker for every trip (I bring 8 pairs of underwear for a long weekend), so this was really hard for me. I think I have it narrowed down, but I am sure I will be sending stuff back within the first couple of months…

All of the gear and clothing listed below fits into my Gregory Deva 60 Pack. It’s designed for women and adjusts to fit more petite frames (I am 5’2 on a good day). So far, I highly recommend it!



– 1 Eagle Creek packing cube with tons of meds: anti-malarial pills, traveler’s diarrhea pills, anti-altitude sickness pills, 12 months supply of birth control & disposable contacts, Nexium, 2 epi pens, Tums, Sudafed, Cortisone, Advil, and bed bug spray.

– 1 Toiletry Bag: sunscreen, bug spray, small bottles of shampoo & conditioner, toothpaste, contact solution, razor, light amount of make-up (foundation, powder, eye liner, eye shadow), face cream, face wash, cotton swabs, hair ties, floss, nail file, and nail clippers.

– 1 ziplock bag full of tampons (I am really worried about finding them while traveling)

– Money belt

– Backpack cover (not pictured)

– Very compact hairdryer

– 1 Go Girl FUD

– 1 Cotton Sleep Sack

– 1 Water Bottle

– 1 Armband to hold ipod while running

– 2 Quick dry Towels: Large, Mini

– 1 small drawstring bag

– 1 headlamp

– 1 mini scrubber for laundry/stains

Clothes: Majority of these items fit into 2 large and 1 small Eagle Creek packing cubes

– 1 pair of skinny jeans (not pictured)

– 1 pair of long, lightweight Northface pants

– 2 pairs of shorts: Nike running shorts & Northface hiking shorts

– 1 travel skort

– 2 pairs of yoga pants: Capri and Full-length

– 6 pairs of socks: 2 hiking socks, 4 running socks

– 8 pairs of underwear: 4 Ex Officio underwear, 4 regular

– 3 bras: nude, black, sports bra

– 5 t-shirts: 2 wicking, 2 cotton, & 1 Finley Dunne’s t-shirt (not pictured)

– 2 tank tops: 2 cotton tanks

– 3 dresses: 2 Ex Officio Chica-Cool Tank dresses & 1 long black dress for a more conservative look

– 1 long-sleeved wicking shirt

– 1 REI lightweight fleece

– 1 gray light sweater

– 2 jackets: 1 Athleta Anytime Anorak Jacket & 1 Rain Jacket

– 1 hat

– Warm Gear: 1 scarf, ear warmer, & gloves

– 1 pair of Keens

– 1 pair of flipflops

– 1 pair of running shoes

– 1 pair of black comfortable flats

You may be thinking that I’ve packed a lot of clothing/gear for colder weather, even though we are trying to chase summer/fall.  I get cold easily so I wanted to make sure I packed a lot of layers. Thankfully, it all fits and I will (hopefully) stay warm throughout our journey.

As Mike mentioned above, we will each be bringing a small backpack. Mine will hold some of our electronics and a medium-sized travel purse for everyday use.

13 thoughts on “The Things They Carried

  1. Ally Coan

    Looks like you guys are well stocked! Let me know how the Go Girl FUD works out… Will be thinking about you guys tomorrow! Can’t wait to read about all of your adventures abroad!

  2. Pam Stimmel

    I applaud this accomplishment! Huge! I can’t imagine packing for this trip. Can’t wait to see all your vest pics, Mike! Hope you don’t have to use the Go Girl, Anna 😉 Big hugs and safe travels tomorrow!

    1. RTWFlyers Post author

      That vest is the best thing I own! So many cool interior pockets. Lay off me, Pam. You’ll be jealous in South Africa.

  3. Evelyn Hansen

    You let that beard floooow, Mike Baniak! Well done on the yogas, Anna. Atta girl! I’m so excited for your journey to finally begin! Looking forward to stalking you daily. :) Love you guys; be safe!

  4. Chad Thorngate

    not nearly enough Flyers gear…. have a great trip. Verst & I are looking forward to meeting up with you during it.

    1. RTWFlyers Post author

      We would love to see Team Therst wherever and whenever we can, so keep us posted. As for the UD gear, I have a polo and a long sleeve shirt plus my water bottle proudly repping the finest university in the country. Anna, however, dropped the ball. Boo her mercilessly.

  5. Em Schenk

    Glad to see the final underwear count increased! Save travels guys – looking forward to keeping track of the adventure!

  6. Sienna

    I always get cold like you Anna and I think packing warm stuff was a smart idea. I “backpacked” in Europe in June a few years ago and at one point had to layer all the long sleeve items I had to stay warm (two long sleeve shirts and a rain jacket). Can’t wait to hear about your other adventures! I’m sure it will make me want to go on an overseas adventure myself!

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