What’s Up with the Name?

It has occurred to us that not everyone knows what our blog name means, so this brief post will remedy that. Both Anna and I fancy ourselves pretty punny people, so that was requirement # 1. Requirement # 2 was that it have something to do with the two of us. There was no requirement #3.

We went through Chicago puns, “Baniak” related puns (there are quite a few…sing Anna’s name to the tune of the Animaniacs theme song), something about the St. Louis Cardinals or Chicago White Sox, and other even sillier options before realizing that our alma mater provided us with a good one: the Dayton Flyers. After that it was pretty easy. We thought about “Frequent Flyers” but apparently some holding company already bought that domain name (I blame Danica Patrick), but RTWFlyers was free, so we grabbed it. For those of you who haven’t spent weeks of your last year looking up information about trips around the world, the “RTW” acronym* (Round The World) is everywhere. Thus, a name was born!

*Hat tip to my mom who came up with an even better acronym (AWAY – Around the World Adventure Year), but we couldn’t think of anything appropriately cheesy that incorporated it.

6 thoughts on “What’s Up with the Name?

  1. Verstastic

    Um, not as funny as I was hoping for after the conversations at Fedders wedding. But I will begrudgingly read it nonetheless. Have a great time, sorry we misses you at Labor Day. Team Therst.

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