Weekend Update

We spent the last weekend visiting our friends, Pam and Craig Stimmel, in Cincinnati, Ohio. As usual, good times were had, although some of them were harder than they looked.

Saturday, we arranged for a Pedal Wagon bar crawl. The idea behind the Pedal Wagon is pretty simple: a driver steers and operates a brake while the rest of the people on the wagon pedal and provide the power (apparently there is a motor, too, but we didn’t see a whole lot of it). Easy concept – damn hard to execute. Particularly hard when it’s 95 degrees outside and humid. Still, we wanted to do something goofy with our Pedal Wagon bar crawl to make the photos even better, so we wore ridiculous wigs while we pedaled around downtown Cincinnati (per Anna’s request). About 30 seconds into our first trip, everyone was covered in sweat, but we recovered enough to do some mechanical bull riding at the second stop and then belt out “Don’t Stop Believin'” on the way to our last stop. The photos of this day speak for themselves.
wagon1 wagon2














Fireworks Sunday, we headed across the mighty Ohio River to a party on the Kentucky side to watch the Labor Day Fireworks (a Cincinnati tradition). We couldn’t have asked for a better location – the party was right on the river, and we had a great time playing Boom (it’s too hard to explain, but it’s a very intense drinking game that requires a lot of yelling and flying cups). The fireworks were
amazing and lasted for almost 30 minutes.




After the fireworks, we headed back to Cincinnati in a couple cabs. Anna and I (and Craig) had a bit of an adventure getting home. As we were passing through an intersection, a car turned right in front of our cab, and they collided. Nobody got (seriously) hurt, but Anna and Craig got pretty banged up. Banged up enough that for a night cap, we headed to a nearby emergency room so they could get checked out.

emergency room








After lying about on Monday and letting muscle relaxers to kick in, we headed back to Chicago having completed our whirlwind tour of the Midwest. Next up: Anna’s half marathon in Chicago on Sunday!

7 thoughts on “Weekend Update

  1. Mary Daly Baniak

    It is really too bad you all don’t know how to have fun…! The Cincinnati Labor Day fireworks display was our favorite when we lived there. It goes on for so long, and has such great music accompanying it. Anna, I hope your sore neck doesn’t mess up your half marathon!

    1. RTWFlyers Post author

      Thanks! Feeling much better now, should be ready to run Sunday. Those fireworks were not messing around – 30 minutes is a long time.

  2. Julie Glavin

    Love the pedal wagon. Saw it once before when Les and Doug lived in Minny. Sorry about the cab accident. Bridget and Patrick’s car got hit by an Indianapolis bus this summer. They’re unscathed too. Your generation is strong!!

    1. RTWFlyers Post author

      You love the pedal wagon until you do it… Or at least until you do it when it’s 95! Glad to hear other bumbles bounce, too.

  3. Pam Stimmel

    I think the pedal wagon is all about perspective….I remember having a great time on it this weekend! (although the heat stroke could have affected my memory…)

    Have a great race Anna! Love the blog!

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