Dayton. Flyers. Go UD!

We stopped by UD (the University of Dayton for the uninitiated) for the nostalgia special yesterday. This was the first time in about 8 years that we went to campus when there were students there and boy did we feel old. The campus barely resembles the one we loved for four years, but the changes have been (largely) for the better. We thought our campus was beautiful, but this one looks even better. Well played, UD.

When we were students, alumni who lived in Anna’s 202 Lawnview Ghetto house stopped by to see the old house and dropped off a case of beer for Anna and her housemates. We decided that was a great idea, so we went to The Deli, bought two cases of Beast, and walked to 202 Lawnview. Sadly, the residents weren’t home, but their visitors were happy to take our beer.


My 3 Evanston house, however, was full of students who we got to have a beer with and chat about the current student life at UD. Things have definitely changed (cell phones, no kegs, lots of police patrols), but it sounded like they still manage to have a good time. Both of our houses look almost identical, and the memories came flooding back – which was pretty much what we were looking for.


Some of the memories included visiting the spot where we met at the Party in the Plaza (first day of our freshman orientation) and where we got engaged three and a half years later.


…and a glorious, dirty bar that Anna loved.


On top of this, we met an old professor for dinner at Roost in the Oregon District, which was an incredible meal and a good reunion. Dayton – the city – has changed as well. There were a number of new developments including new facilities at Miami Valley Hospital and several new restaurants and bars on the route between UD and downtown Dayton. Apparently, rumors of Dayton’s demise were greatly exaggerated, which was great to see.

All great days should end with euchre, beer, and some dessert Skyline…so that’s what we did with our Cincinnati, hosts, Pam and Craig Stimmel. Today, we’re off to a pedal wagon pub crawl with a group of our UD friends: proof that the friendships we made in college are still going strong today.


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  1. Dabble in Travel

    That’s a fantastic idea to bring beer to your old college house! We’ll have to do that when I finally go back to OSU with Jan so he can see what college football is really about 😉

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