Try to Get My Foot

We are driving around the Midwest this week meeting some friends’ babies that we haven’t met yet, seeing Labor Day fireworks in Cincinnati, OH, and spending quality time with some friends and family before our departure on October 16 (!). This little tour gives us the fringe benefit of testing out our packs in a very consequence-free environment, and practicing our mobile blogging (iPad with an attached keyboard).

Another fringe benefit is being treated to Harry Hilton for an evening. Harry is the 4-year-old son of one of our oldest friends Mike Hilton and his wife, Erin, and the big brother of the newest Hilton, Ellen James (“EJ”).


This hummingbird came in the door at about 4:15 and didn’t stop running around, laughing, and causing trouble (the good kind…mostly) for the next 3+ hours. We played with his new rocket launcher outside and lost the rockets in the trees, played with board games that were either missing pieces or were played with Harry’s imaginary rules, built puzzles, and had a sword fight tournament. But the unquestioned highlight came at the end of the night when Harry was hiding from us behind a couch for a couple minutes before a single leg shot up in the air and he yelled, “Try to get my foot!” I don’t think anyone actually got his foot. We were laughing too hard.


We also enjoyed a great meal with the adults (plus some friends recently transplanted from Chicago to Lexington, Kentucky), some good conversation, and a little of the tremendous bourbon our hosts let us share. Not only that, but we got a vivid reminder that there are a nearly infinite number of paths that people can take in their lives that can lead to happiness. There is little similarity between the Hiltons’ day-to-day lives and ours (and even less after we leave), and yet all of us are satisfied with where we are. It’s an obvious lesson, probably, but one that needs to be seen and used as a reminder that there are very few “right” paths in an absolute sense. It makes us very happy to know that our friends chose a path that gave them joy and laughter, and that we’re doing the same.

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