Wait, You’re Doing What? Why?

One of the most common questions we are asked is why we decided to put our lives on pause and take this adventure. Well, here’s why:

Remember when the lottery got up to over a half billion back in 2012? It inspired us to buy our first lottery ticket and we talked about what we would do with our winnings. We both had traveling the world as our top priority (after throwing an amazing party for our friends at Finley Dunne’s). Naturally we started talking about where we would go and what we would do with our newfound money and time. We came up with a pretty long list. A few days after the drawing (spoiler alert: we didn’t win), we started to wonder if we could still make our dream come true. After a morning of searching all kinds of travel blogs and whatnot, we started to think this wasn’t so crazy.*

For at least a year before that, we had talked about having an urge to ‘freak out’ (a semi-responsible freak out) and do something different with our lives. We were considering changing careers, city, or something to change up our lives. We had been saving up for something (house, kid, car, etc.) since we got married in 2005, but we weren’t ready for any of those things just yet. The more we talked about this trip, the more it sounded like the right decision for us, given that we share a passion for travel and seeing the world.

After we decided we wanted to take the leap, we started talking about when. We wanted to continue to save money and give ourselves plenty of time to plan, so we knew it was going to be a longer process. Then, every time we picked a tentative departure date, a close friend or family member got engaged and it would push out our timeline even farther. Our plans were seriously put on hold after a close family member was diagnosed with cancer. At that point, we weren’t sure whether we were still going. However, after an amazing recovery, our planning was back on track with renewed enthusiasm to seize this opportunity to take the trip we had been dreaming about for so long.

Most importantly, we wanted to have an adventure like this while we were still young enough to enjoy it and the full effect it could have on our lives.

*Anna’s note: I actually thought the idea was still pretty crazy. It wasn’t until a couple of months of Mike sending me links to others’ blogs that I fully got on board.

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