Breaking the News

If you’re reading this, it is very likely that you are one of the people this post is about: people we have told about our adventure and their reactions. Reading travel blogs, you inevitably come across a post about how people responded when they learned about Person X taking off for long-term travel, so we’ll get this one out of the way early. Well, and we don’t have any travel to blog about yet. So there’s that, too.

Maybe it shouldn’t, but it has surprised us how supportive and enthusiastic everyone has been. On several occasions, one or both of us expected negativity, trepidation, or a lecture but instead got support and excitement. It seems that veering off the beaten path in this way is something people are interested in and we typically had to answer assorted questions about how we came up with this idea, where we are planning on going, how long we’ll be gone, and what we’ll be doing while we’re on the road. Very little is more fun than answering questions like these, because it gives us an opportunity to talk about something we are obviously passionate about. In several instances, we got recommendations for places to visit or contacts in one or more of the countries we are planning to visit.

We are very thankful for all of this support – it has certainly helped settle our nerves and it just confirmed again that we have an amazing group of people behind us. Even when we’re doing something as crazy as this. You people are great.


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